Invest in the well-being of the Earth

Even your investment can be green and make a serious contribution to reducing CO2 emissions. How?
Encouraging the growth of Clicmon, a new sustainable and secure marketplace.

Our Goal?

Becoming a benchmark of sustainable retail.


It encourages the reuse of still-valuable objects through a safe and fun buying and selling platform, where users are incentivised towards sustainability, thanks to a system of tokens based on Blockchain, Leaf and Seed, which provide real benefits to those who collect them.

The Green Market

  • 63% of consumers say they are more likely to buy from a company that shares information about the environmental impact of its products (Ey Future Consumer Index, EY, 2020).

  • 76% of users expect companies, not governments, to drive change (What is a CSO and does every company need one?, World Economic Forum, 2021).

Invest in Clicmon

We put our skills and energy, you help us grow: we'll collect the fruits together.

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